Ramos Gin Fizz

I remember strolling through the mall in all my awkward teen glory thinking I had it made. I was at the mall, unsupervised, with my friends, some allowance money, and sipping on an Orange Julius. The creamy, citrusy, probably not all real, flavor of that magical orange drink brings me back to simpler times.


The Ramos Gin Fizz has that mystique, the similar creamy, citrusy flavor, but with the added benefit of Gin. These may not be simple times (adulting am I right?) but that’s okay, because now we have the Ramos Gin Fizz instead of a plain old Orange Julius.


The New Orleans Fizz first served in Henry C. Ramos’s Imperial Cabinet Saloon didn’t become synonymous with its creator until the early 20th century. (From the PDT Cocktail Book).

This drink is a perfect transition drink, for those days when you aren’t sure if it’s still sweltering summer or if you’ll need a sweater. The creamy mouthfeel is like a blanket for the tongue, but the limeade-like flavor keeps it light and refreshing.


It’s supposed to be served in a chilled Collins glass, but I’m sad to say I lack the right Collins glass. All of mine (read: 4) are too big and the cocktail just didn’t look right. I tried a beer tulip, but this just brings to light my inadequate glassware game. Something to add to the list.

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