Field Cocktail

Do you know how hard it is to drink a cocktail with a pineapple leaf sticking out of it?


Those leaves are sharp. This brings up a good point about garnishes. There are some that are important for olfactory reasons, citrus and herbs usually, that without them the drink would be missing something. Other garnishes, such as brandied cherries or cinnamon sticks, impart subtle flavors into the drink itself. Then there are others that are purely for looks. Pineapple leaves don’t smell and don’t provide flavor, they are a pure accessory. But it sure does look nice.



The Field cocktail is a “cognac-driven variation on the rye-based Algonquin Cocktail” (COMING SOON!!!) and a “tribute to Colin Peter Field, who runs the Hemingway Bar in Paris’s Ritz Hotel.” I would say any person entrusted with running such a prestigious bar deserves their own cocktail. This one has a sweet, floral flavor with a round mouth feel. ┬áThe pineapple lends a bright acidity while the cognac teases you with subtle notes of vanilla and dates. Cheers to you Colin Peter Field!

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