The Last Word

I’ll admit, I thought this one was older. I mean 1951 is nothing to shake a stick at, but I had put it in the category of Reconstruction Era drinks. Guess this one falls within the good ol’ Cold War instead.

Last word

This is another one that is almost perfect but…alas! The strong maraschino flavor strikes again! I think I must just be sensitive to it. The base recipe is pretty simple, .75 oz of each ingredient, but here again all I could taste was the Luxardo. Maybe some lime in the after taste but only because I was looking for it. So I made a modified version, 1 oz Chartreuse and .5 oz Luxardo. The balance was better, more floral on the nose. Still too much tart mustiness from the maraschino.


Maybe it’s born with it, Maybe it’s Maraschino.


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